Railway Audio is a Music production studio owned by Stefano Pedone and Gregory Colla, addicted to welcoming musicians, DJs, producers and other music professionals.
With a room professionally tuned, We provide the most detail and best possible sound that the labels required for all audio recordings.
Our engineers will produce, mix and master your material using a liaison between analog and digital equipment.



Stefano Pedone was sixteen years old when he began to play the piano. When he was twenty-two he began to dj and he also became a producer. Now he is a freelance producer and audio engineer.



Gregory Colla has been working for more than twenty years in the music industry. When he was seventeen, he began to dj and fell in love with it. Through passion and hard work, Gregory has been able to dj at some of the best known night clubs in Europe. When he was twenty-three years he also became producer and upon joining the Bliss Corporation, he worked with famous artists such as: Da Blitz, Bliss Team, Eiffel 65 and Gabry Ponte, Djs From Mars Now he is a freelance producer and audio engineer.